One of The Best Motivational Speakers of Our Time


HRDF Certified Trainer and Motivational Speaker



"Mr. Robinson delivered  a speech that empowered everybody in the room to transform their lives, and reach beyond perceived limitations."

Jeffrey K. Richard, CEO. CFO Austin Urban League

"Your vision is growing, your touch is magnificent.."

Sherry Ransom, Author, Personal Transformation Specialist

"You (Mr. Robinson) have an awesome story to tell with so many focus points of never giving up, staying strong, searching your inner strengths and beliefs..."

Michael Williams, Founder, Williams Management Group

Again, we really appreciate you taking the time to visit Plexus and share your insight with us to help make our transition into the Malaysian culture a positive one. Many thanks!

Shelley Koplien, Manager, Brand and Customer Experience, Plexus

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Wayne C. Robinson Speaks To University Students

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