Exercise Your Way To Your Dream Job


If you are searching for that perfect job and become stressed during the process, or you’re frustrated that things aren’t going your way, be patient, because that perfect job for you does exists.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of time to bring the two of you together. However, there is something that you can do to improve your chances - exercise.

When preparing for that important job interview, you want to make sure that you are in the optimum mood. To help prepare for one of the most important interviews of your life, exercise will is a key ingredient.

According to a recent Psychology Today article, George Mammen, a Phd candidate at the University of Toronto, reviewed 25 research articles that concluded that regular exercise can reduce long term depression, a condition that could affect one’s job search results.

yoga, exercise your way to your dream job

The studies concluded that exercise is not only beneficial for preventing depression, but for producing more “happy” hormones such as dopamine and serotonin to put you in a great mood.

Think about it, when you exercise, more oxygen is rushing to your brain which increases your energy level. You certainly don’t want to appear sluggish, but energetic, and excited.

Exercising has shown to improve self-confidence, alertness, and cognitive skills and other traits that anyone looking for that perfect job can use more of.

Who would you be more apt to hire, someone who appears sluggish and unenergetic, or someone who is alert, excited and confident?

If you are not used to an exercise program, maybe this is your “red flag” to begin taking some time out for you and your body. I’m not suggesting that you join a fitness club and start a body building career. Studies have shown that walking just 30 minutes a day helps prevent depression and decreases the stress that can accompany a focused job search.

Here are some suggestions that might help you get started and to remain on track.

  1. Commit to walking 30 minutes a day. Make it fun. Listen to a digital device of a self-improvement program. You can download lots of free stuff to your digital device and listen while you take that walk.  Thirty minutes a day to improve your physical and mental state, self-confidence, and to learn something that might inspire or motivate you is a great way to keep the excitement while walking. It could also give you some much needed “alone time.”
  2. Take on a partner; That is somebody who you will be accountable to. This will also help keep you on track and you are responsible for motivating each other to continue these 30 minute walks.
  3. If taking walks aren’t your thing, find out what is. Consider other moderate activities that will keep you exercising for at least a 30 minute period each day. Bicycling. Skateboarding. Tennis.

Remember that the most important job opportunity for you is just around the corner.  I can assure you that your prospective employer is doing everything they can to hire the perfect people.  Make sure that you are doing everything that you can to be prepared, and exercise will give you a great start.

Who knows, your new exercise routine may just bring you some great idea or ideas that you never before considered.

Wayne C. Robinson is the author of Job Hunting Secrets – Just Discovered: Combining Success Strategies and Universal Principles To Get Any Job You Really Want and How To Work in Vacation Hot Spots:  The Exciting World of Vacation Ownership.  Available on amazon.com.



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