FREE REPORT - 13 Shocking Secrets The Timeshare Industry Does Not Want You To Know


Get your full report on what the timeshare industry does not want the general public to know.

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Were you aware that there is a plethora of industry secrets that timeshare resorts, exchange companies, cancellation companies do not want timeshare owners and consumers to know?

Learn "insider secrets" from a former timeshare executive who is sharing 13 Shocking Secrets that you will not anywhere else. 

Sample Secrets

1. Many timeshare companies do not own the properties they sell

2. Timeshare in some countries are operating as illegal businesses

3. The reason many timeshare owners cannot get into their own resorts is because the inventory has already been sold out - many times over

4. Timeshare owners who trade in one timeshare for another get zero trade in - 100% of the time

5. Many timeshare managers expect or demand that their sales and marketing staff lie to clients, or else

6. Racial, religious, gender, and sexual preference profiling is a common marketing tool

7. Most timeshare owners can simply walk away from their unwanted timeshare without any legal or credit hassles.


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