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Timeshare Arbitration

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Filing a complaint with a mediation and arbitration service that specializes in timeshare disputes should be your first option.  A mediator can ease communication and facilitate a resolution between all parties when a formal complaint is filed against the timeshare company. You can file a formal complaint through IFTA.

IFTA is an alternative dispute resolution organization serving companies and consumers in the timeshare industry.

IFTA provides a free timeshare mediation service for timeshare owners who wish to file a dispute with a timeshare company.

They pride themselves on being the only alternative dispute resolution organization focused on the timeshare industry. Additionally, they are establishing self-regulation and transparency within the timeshare marketplace.

Each IFTA Paradise Approved® Member company is vetted through a comprehensive application process. This ensures that the company adheres to a strict Code of Ethics and Business Practices. Consumers and businesses alike know they can trust an organization that has the IFTA Paradise Approved® Seal.

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IFTA Vision

An enhanced timeshare/vacation ownership marketplace enabling buyers and sellers to trust one another within an ethical and transparent environment.

IFTA Mission

IFTA’s mission is to be the foremost leader in the advancement of trust and ethical practices within the timeshare/vacation ownership industry through self-regulation.

IFTA accomplishes this mission by assisting in resolving consumer and business disputes against companies operating in the timeshare/vacation ownership marketplace.

Further, they accomplish their mission by setting the highest standard of ethical and honest business practices within the community while denouncing misleading and unethical marketplace behavior.

Report a Scam

Think a company or an offer might be a scam? Does something sound too good to be true? Then, inform IFTA. By reporting what you know, you will help them investigate and warn others. Provide as much information as you can by clicking on this link.

If you want to file a complaint with a timeshare/vacation property company and seeking help from IFTA, please go to the File a Complaint page.

Do not buy, sell, or get rid of your unwanted timeshare until you read this book.

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