How Metaphysics Can Help You Get A Job

 Are you unemployed or underemployed—fresh out of college and unsure what to do next? Or maybe you’re just looking to find success in a new career that makes you feel inspired and fulfilled.

What have others discovered to help them identify their ideal career, making their professional dreams a reality, and working around the world in jobs they truly desire? You might be surprised that metaphysics plays a major role for those who are getting the exact job that they want, whether they realize it or not.

A simple understanding for metaphysics is that your thoughts become things, or your thoughts creates your reality. The philosophy was featured in the hit film, THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrnes, and THE DREAMS LIVE ON: THE SECRET IS OUT documentary.  

Most Job Hunting Guides Feature Rehashed Techniques

Look at any bookstore and you’ll see countless guides to finding a job. From interview skills to resume building, much of the same job-hunting advice is repeatedly recycled and reprinted—and is somehow now considered common knowledge.

So why are there still millions of people around the world who are unemployed, underemployed, or hoping to change jobs? Because the methods that truly work are the  life-altering habits shared by successful people everywhere, and the secrets that have helped small start-up businesses blossom into multi million-dollar corporations.

Their success was built on metaphysical principles, more specifically, the law of attraction. 

The Real Secrets To Job Hunting

In this competitive job market, you can know all the right answers to interview questions, and all the right things to include in your resume, and it still doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the job. The real secrets to getting that perfect job are seated in the foundations of basic metaphysics, i.e.: clarity of mind and soul, and the ability to recognize and capitalize on unrecognized opportunities in order to propel your personal and professional life forward.

You must discover and learn the real secrets to finding the job you love and tap into your true potential so that you can take your life to the next level. You must learn how to overcome employment roadblocks, gain clarity on your ideal career, and recognize and seize opportunities by using effective strategies for impressing employers.

By combining common job hunting strategies, (i.e. perfecting your resume or CV, filling out applications, and presenting yourself on interviews), you must also use basic metaphysical concepts. This might include maintaining a positive mindset no matter what the obstacles are, avoiding  influences that bombard your subconscious mind with false information, and spending time getting to know yourself to help determine what you really want.

Here are some effective job hunting strategies that have worked for millions of people who love their jobs. 

Great Job Hunting Tips For 2018

  1. Be absolutely clear of the perfect job for you and write it out. What does it look like?  Where do you want to work?  How much money do you want to make? Is it something that you truly desire, or is it just another job just to pay the bills? You must get face to face with yourself and these questions.
  2. Find ways to increase your faith, self-confidence and attitude. Read self-improvement books. There are a lot of great videos and audiobooks on YouTube that host amazing motivational and inspirational material, i.e TeDTalks.
  3. Avoid negative people, negative news in the news media, If your church or religious institution is not helping you grow spiritually, it's Ok to look elsewhere. It is your duty to get the best, do the best that you can do for you and your family.
  4. Learn about the lives of successful people. Learn what they did to succeed. What strategies and beliefs did they adopt that led to their success?
  5. Make it your job to find that perfect job. If you have been using the same strategies over and over again and they are still not working, it's time for a different strategy. Seek out a different networking group.  Talk to positive people who are in your field of interest and interview them.
  6. Do you have the skills to fulfill what the job requires? If not, what are you willing to give up in order to acquire those skills. What are you doing about it, now? You can always acquire skills with on the job training. You can also work in other jobs for the company that you really want to work for, if this is your goal. This is a good start towards working your way the ladder.
  7. Ask yourself, what are you willing to give up to find that perfect job? (Friends, entertainment, sports, parties, television, newspapers, and spend more of your leisure time perfecting this job search.

Like anything else, job hunting can be perfected if you do what it takes to perfect it.

Visualize Your Dream Job

Finally, if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 

For example, if your paradigm of the perfect job is only within your neighborhood, or city, or country, you might want to create a different paradigm.  That perfect job, that perfect mate, that perfect home and that perfect income may not be where you have been looking.

If you can dream it, that perfect job is somewhere in the universe.  You must do everything that you can to attract that job and bring the two of you together. It begins with being absolutely clear of exactly what it is that you desire.

Wayne C. Robinson is the founder of Wayne Robinson Productions, a film producer, inspirational speaker, and the author of Job Hunting Secrets Just Discovered; Combining Proven Success Techniques and Universal Principles to Get Any Job You Really Want. Robinson currently resides in Penang, Malaysia, the U.S., and plans to find a second home in Paris, France.



change your thoughts change your destiny, by one of the best motivational speakers Wayne C. Robinson

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