How To Cancel a Caribbean Timeshare

how to cancel your Caribbean timeshare

How To Cancel a  Caribbean Timeshare

You planned your Caribbean vacation carefully, and when you showed up at the airport or your all inclusive hotel, a pleasant Caribbean person approached you with an offer you just couldn't refuse.

He or she temps you with gifts just to learn about their vacation club in case you decide that you want to return there for your future Caribbean vacation  (or some other made up story). Right. 

You took the bait and they met you at an agreed upon time and location and escorted you to the sales center. He or she was paid $40.00 because you showed up.

After filling out some qualification papers, you are greeted by a friendly timeshare sales person (or representative) who has breakfast with you, asks you a lot of vacation questions, shows you how the program works, tells you about all the member discounts, romances you with the member's pool and the beautiful member's only luxury suites that you would be staying in if you decide to become a member -TODAY  ONLY.

After spending about 4 hours on your 90 minute presentation, telling them "No" hundreds of times and numerous price reductions and more free gifts, you give in and put down a deposit, sign the paperwork (without reading it) and everybody is happy. RIGHT!. 

The timeshare sales person made 10%, and the person who invited you made 1-2% of the sale, plus part of the closing costs which were also used to pay for your FREE gifts. (Hint: There should be no closing costs for a membership)

Later, when you try to use the timeshare, you discover that it doesn't work the way you were told.  Now, you want out and you finally read the contract. But, it's too late. You already gave them your hard earned dollars. 


Caribbean Timeshares or Travel Clubs Are Nothing But Hot Air

how to cancel your Caribbean timeshareWhen you buy a timeshare at one of the all-inclusive resorts, you don’t own anything. You are buying air with no guarantees except that you must pay for their overpriced all-inclusive food and beverage on top of your maintenance fees, if there is one. This is usually the same deal that the general public pays without a membership.

Moreover, sales reps might have told you that you will receive discounts on airfare and other travel services to justify the costs.  This is a lie.  You do not get any more discounts than the general public.

Do the comparison yourself.  Make sure you consider the original purchase price, closing costs and the all inclusive fees, etc. If you can't get in your resort a a member, you can certainly get in through any online website as a non member for the same or lessor price.

I once heard a top salesperson at the El Cid Resort in Mazatlan, Mexico telling the guests that if they purchase that day, they will pay only $99.00 airfare from the U.S. to Mexico every year for life.  Surprisingly, people believed this lie and bought.  That timeshare sales agent lives in a beautiful luxury waterfront home with a boat.

One of the new tactics of the mandatory all-inclusive resorts is to inform you that there are no maintenance fees. This is exactly what many timeshare owners are complaining about. This is untrue as all fees are built into the all-inclusive price. 

Moreover, there should be no maintenance fees as you are not part owner of the property.  It's just a club membership, and surprisingly, most travel clubs do not own the property, but merely rent some of the rooms. They are a completely separate entity from the resort.  Read the paperwork

You Can Easily Walk Away From Your Caribbean Timeshare

how to cancel your Caribbean timeshare

The good news is whether your timeshare is paid in full or not, you can simply walk away. There is nothing they can do legally as it is a foreign country and they should not have your social security number. 

Even if they try, they DO NOT have any jurisdiction, power, legal access to the credit reporting agencies or courts in the United States or in Canada or any other country as they are a foreign entity.

Foreign Timeshare Contracts Are Only Good Where They Were Signed

The contract was signed in the Caribbean Islands. The company is in the Caribbean Islands or some other offshore location.  Everything is out of the U.S. or Canada, unless of course you signed one of those contracts with The Unlimited Vacation Club which is in Panama. Same thing. 

Many Caribbean timeshares use an American or Canadian collection company to collect the payments and fees. Though they may be an American or Canadian company, there is nothing they can legally do because you signed the contract on foreign territory. If they harass you, let them know that you will be filing a complaint with your state's or provincial Attorney General's office.

Kindly write them a letter informing them that you no longer have an interest in the timeshare and you will not be sending them any more funds. There is absolutely nothing that they can do.

Contact your bank or credit card company to cancel your autopay. Some members have reported the need to actually cancel their checking account and open a new one to avoid the auto-draft. That should be a last resort. 

There is absolutely nothing they can do to your credit. However, the money that you have already given to them is gone forever. 

Travel Clubs Are Not Timeshares

If you review your documents, you do not own a timeshare, but a right to use product or a travel club. Most of these “travel clubs” do not own any of the resorts and hide behind the image of brand name resorts. They simply rent out some of the rooms. You own nothing but air.

Many operate illegally because they do not have business licenses in the countries in which they sell, and the timeshare sales and marketing reps never work for the timeshare company and are unlicensed. This makes your contract “unenforceable,” and there is nothing they can do if you want to get out of it.

Moreover, the contract may not be with the organization who you signed with as is discuss in the book, Everything About Timeshares: Before, During and After The Sale

 how to cancel your Caribbean timeshare

How to Cancel Your Aruba Travel Club

Aruba's laws are different than other locations.  When you sign the contract, you own it.  There is no rescission period.

However, because Aruba is outside of the U.S. and Canada, you can simply walk away from it.  There is no legal obligation to continue making payments. You'll just lose the money you have invested.

Kindly write them a letter informing them that you no longer have an interest in the timeshare and you will not be sending them any more funds. Unless you are an Aruban resident, there is absolutely NOTHING they can do legally.

Contact your bank or credit card company to cancel your autopay.

How to Cancel Your Your Jamaica Travel Club

how to cancel your caribbean timeshareWhile working in Jamaica as a sales and marketing director, I suspected that the timeshares there may be operating illegally.

At the time, the Jamaican Government was discussing timeshare legislation, which has since been implemented. However, the timeshare legislation does not include vacation clubs or travel clubs, which is what most “timeshare” resorts are selling in Jamaica.

These vacation clubs are hiding behind brand name hotels such as SECRETS, SENSATORI, ROYALTON, IBEROSTAR, GRAND PALLADIUM, and many more that are listed in the RCI and Interval International exchange directories. The club names are Unlimited Vacation Club, Prestige Travelers, TravelSmart, Palladium Travel Club and others. The legal entity of these clubs is outside of Jamaica, mostly in Mexico. The Jamaica timeshare legislation has no effect on the travel club industry.


Jamaica Travel Clubs May Be Illegal

how to cancel a Caribbean timeshareMost, if not all travel clubs in Jamaica do not have business licenses. The sales funds are diverted to foreign bank accounts, completely circumventing the Jamaican banking system and taxing authorities. Consumers are unknowingly funding what may be considered money laundering within the travel club industry.

In addition to the funds being diverted, the legal addresses for the contracts are not in Jamaica, but in Mexico, Panama or the Dominican Republic. If you join any of the travel clubs in Jamaica, they have no legal recourse, and neither do you have any recourse towards them because you do not have a contract with them but another entities not represented at the resort. Read the fine print.

Unlimited Vacation Club operates under AMResorts. This entity includes a collection of luxury all-inclusive resorts, i.e. SECRETS, DREAMS, ZOETRY and may others. If you read the fine print, the contract Is not with the Unlimited Vacation Club, but with a “mediator” with a different company with a foreign address. 

Although Unlimited Vacation Club and GBS International are Miami based businesses, they do not own any of the resorts, do not have business licenses where they sell the travel clubs, and send money to foreign bank accounts. The contract was signed on foreign soil and there is nothing legally they can do if members want out.

Because they are a “U.S. company”, they use their business name to hire collection agencies to collect on unpaid debts.  This is also illegal as contracts signed out of the country are “unenforceable” in the U.S.


Some Travel Clubs Make Copies of Your Personal Information

how to cancel your caribbean timeshareWhen I worked with Unlimited Vacations Club, we were instructed by the management to make copies of the credit cards and passports when clients purchased. We were further instructed not to inform the client. Their personal information was later sent out of the country. This is illegal. 

Moreover, the travel clubs use illegal foreign workers to run the resorts, making the contracts voidable, as they were signed under illegal circumstances. If disgruntled owners file a complaint with the Jamaican authorities, it is useless. However, if enough owners complain, they might be able to obtain their money back through the U.S. Embassy, a class action suit or criminal action may result.

To get out of a Jamaican travel club, kindly, write them a letter informing them that you no longer have an interest in the travel club and you will not be sending them any more funds. There is absolutely nothing that they can do. If they threaten you, simply inform them that you are reporting them to the authorities that they are not authorized to do business in Jamaica. Ask them to send you a copy of their business license, or better yet, contact the Jamaican authorities.    

Contact your bank or credit card company to cancel your autopay.

How to Cancel Your Dominican Republic Travel Club

Like Jamaica, if you have purchased a travel club membership in the Dominican Republic, you can simply walk away, even if you are still paying for it.         

The right to use is in the Dominican Republic, and they do not have any connection with any of the credit reporting agencies in the U.S.       

When I worked there, all the travel club contracts were connected to companies in Panama or Mexico. They have NO jurisdiction over you.     

Kindly, write them a letter informing them that you no longer have an interest in the timeshare and you will not be sending them any more funds. There is absolutely nothing that they can do. Read the contract.     

Contact your bank or credit card company to cancel your autopay.

how to cancel your Caribbean timeshare

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how to cancel your carbbean timeshare

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