How To Work In A Foreign Country

Anyone Can Work In A Foreign Country

You too can learn how to work in a foreign country, change jobs, change careers, change husbands, change wives, leave your home and pack up and start a new life anytime you desire.

Maybe you desire to work in a foreign country, but you are not sure how to get started. Or maybe you are discouraged because of the various requirements and processes. Doesn't mean that you can't do it.

There are job opportunities everywhere, even in foreign countries. Every country has quotas for people to immigrate, and some employers will pay or assist with your work permits and the relocation process.  Simply read their requirements and work your way over there. Even if it takes a year or more, you can live your dream. 

Teaching English Jobs

wayne c. robinson, how to work in a foreign countryThose whose primary language is English, particularly those in the U.S., Canada, England, South Africa and Australia, can find jobs easily on the Internet. Teaching English as a second language is a highly demanding career for those who desire to live and work outside of their own country.

Most companies will sponsor you and pay for all of your relocation expenses and provide housing with a decent salary.

Teaching English overseas is in high demand and always looking for workers with and without experience. Go Overseas is one of the best places to get started. 

Even though this career path may not be exactly what you are seeking, at least you are in the country in which you would like to work. From there, work your way into the field that you desire. You are that much closer to your career goal in the country of your choice.

Marrying a Foreigner Is Always An Option

wayne c. robinson and ju shih su, how to work in a foreign countryAnother method of working overseas is to marry a foreigner. This is one of the easiest ways to obtain employment in a foreign country and has been going on for years. I am not suggesting you marry solely for the sake of seeking employment. However, I am suggesting marrying, while also seeking employment. If you are single and desire to live in a foreign country, you might consider this option.

There are numerous ways to meet someone from overseas, but I am also suggesting that you take certain precautions. Think positive, and things will work out.

Although unplanned, I met my wife while working briefly in Malaysia. We have a very happy marriage, building a successful business together, and travel.

Mingle is a great place to start your overseas romance, and its free. 

Sometimes you might need to work in a different field before you can obtain your ideal job in a foreign country, but at least you are there. From then on, you can set goals toward any career choice you desire. Also, remember that many businesses were started by immigrants, both with and without partners.

How To Get Started

It is simple. First, you have to do is decide where you desire to live.  Focus, and the path will open up to you.

For example, I had always desired to live in Canada. I tried to move there a few times by applying for various jobs, but the employers always told me that it was difficult for Americans to work in Canada since there are certain requirements you need to meet to move there.

One stipulation is that the employer has to prove to immigration that there is no one else in the area that can perform the same job. With merely administrative skills, they wouldn't accept me.

I forgot about it for years and left the idea alone until 2008 when I decided to take another chance. Because I had timeshare experience, I wondered if any of the resorts were hiring. I contacted a very reputable timeshare resort and inquired. They informed me that because of the shortage of Canadians who were qualified to sell timeshares, and since nobody in the area wanted to live in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, the government created a special program for Americans to live and work in that area.

club intrawest whistler, how to work in a foreign country

I applied, interviewed, and within six months, Club Intrawest in Whistler, British Columbia had paid for my relocation expenses and paid a nice monthly salary with full health benefits as a Canadian. They said that I could live there forever and obtain permanent residency, if I desired. Although I enjoyed living in Canada immensely, I decided that one season was enough, and I relocated for my next adventure.

Foreigners Can Work in The U.S.

If you are a foreigner and desire to work and live in the U.S., it is possible. You must remember that the United States is made up of immigrants from various countries who decided that they wanted a new or better opportunity in a country founded on freedom. For foreigners, it is very competitive. But it is certainly possible.
For a company to hire and sponsor you to work in the U.S., you must have specialized talent or a relative who will sponsor you. You must be able to follow directions exactly as they are written in the job posting, and you must always remain positive.

How To Work and Live In Vacation Hot Spots

I wrote a book entitled, How to Work in Vacation Hot Spots. This book shows you how to work in different parts of the world and generate a good income in the vacation club business. This is the only book of its kind and it contains a step-by-step process. You can learn marketing and sales skills in your own country, and then begin working for companies all around the world in beautiful five star properties and locations.
Wayne C. Robinson is a film producer and author of How To Work in Vacation Hot Spots

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