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Are you unemployed or underemployed—fresh out of college and unsure what to do next? Or maybe you’re just looking to find success in a new career that makes you feel inspired and fulfilled.



-58% of grads don’t think their career center prepared them for job hunting” (New, 2016)

-50% of graduates said that finding a job was difficult – (Accenture, 2017)

-33% of graduates do not feel that college prepared them for their first professional job – (Company, 2013)

-The average graduate will take 7.5 months, to get a job, losing $4,000  a month In salary – (Market Watch, 2017)

In this competitive job market, you can know all the right answers to interview questions, and all the right things to include in your resume, and it still doesn't guarantee you’ll get the job. The real secrets to success are the ones they don’t tell you about...

job hunting secrets by wayne c.robinson


1. Identify Your Passion is The First Rule For Career Success

Once you think that you have an idea of what you truly desire for a career,  begin doing the research. Some careers look glamorous to outsiders, but when you learn the true day-to-day activities involved with the job, you might think twice.

Learn as much as you can about the career path that you are most attracted to. Be very specific. The clearer you are about what it is that you desire, the easier it is to acquire.

There are many resources available to do the research on the career path you are considering. The Internet is one of the best ways to learn. Using websites i.e. Wikipedia will describe various career paths. Using YouTube will present first hand experiences in most, if not, all career paths.

Visit company websites that hire people in a particular field and ask them what the job truly entails. Visit websites and social media sites that will describe what the career entails. You can also speak to people on LinkedIn who have been in the field for some time to discuss their experiences.

It is very important to be specific about what field you choose, as there are endless possibilities. The clearer you are about what it is that you desire, the easier it is for you to achieve it. Also, the less time you will waste taking path in a different direction.

2. Beware of The Opportunity Cost if You Follow The Wrong Path

job hunting secrets by wayne c.robinson

In business, there is a term called, Opportunity cost. Although there are several definitions of opportunity cost, the simple answer is the cost to take one path over another.

For example, if you follow a career path to become a medical doctor and spent 8 years studying, 2 years in residency and 1 year working as a medical doctor, and discovered later that you don’t want to be a medical doctor but a lawyer, your opportunity cost is 22 years. Here’s why...

You have spent 11 years focusing on becoming a medical doctor while you could have spent 11 years focusing on becoming a lawyer.  So, you have lost a total of 22 years of your life because it would take another 11 years to get where you could have been in law. This is your opportunity cost.It is the cost of the true time that you lost for taking the wrong path.

It is vitally important to know as soon as possible what career path you genuinely desire to pursue to avoid losing time wasted on a different path.

Be different.  Be passionate about your career and go for what you really want.

3. Networking Should Be Your Number One Strategy For Job Hunting

job hunting secrets by wayne c. robinson

Tapping into your network and growing your network should be the foremost strategy that you will use to find that perfect job for you, and the number one strategy that you should consider mastering.

In addition to networking to find a job, particularly for fresh graduates, it is vitally important to grow your networking list should you consider changing jobs or changing careers.

Your networking group should be your first point of contact when you want to move forward with your career or if you can’t find the opportunity to be promoted with your current employer.

Networking should be easy, fun, and truly beneficial when you have a specific objective for business or social purposes. It could be performed through one on one interactions, small groups or very large groups.  They vary in size, purpose, goals, race, religion, sex and many other differences.

You must be specific about your networking objectives and want to work as efficient as you can.  You don’t want to join a networking group of chefs if you are searching for a job as a software engineer.  You want to network with other software engineers or with people who interact or employ software engineers.

Be specific. It is the being specific that will save you time and will place you closer to your goal.

There are many meet up groups and other social and professional organizations all over the world in any career path you choose.

Do a search on the Internet for your local area and discover how many there are in your area. Many networking groups have websites.  However, most will have a Facebook or LinkedIn account and you can learn everything you need to know about their attendees, their location, dates and times for meetings and much more.



"One of the major reasons that networking is such an effective way to get a job is that there is something of a hidden job market out there. Some estimate that as much as 80 percent of new jobs are never listed but are instead filled internally or via networking." - Gina Belli,



4. Most Job Hunting Sites Waste Valuable Time

job hunting sites, wayne c. robinson


Look at any online bookstore or job hunting sites and you’ll see countless guides to finding a job. From interview skills to resume building, much of the same job-hunting advice is repeatedly recycled and reprinted—and is somehow now considered common knowledge.

So why are there still millions of people around the world who are unemployed, underemployed, or hoping to change jobs? Because the methods that truly work are the ones they don’t tell you about—the life-altering habits shared by successful people everywhere, and the secrets that have helped small start-ups blossom into multimillion-dollar companies. 

The book reveals why much of the career advice on the market today are what most job seekers are using, and the Internet entertains millions of job seeking sites having job seekers competing against each other with the same rehashed methods.
The book reveals that there is no need to compete. The job is yours, if you really want it. Now in the 21st Century, there are more effective methods towards getting that dream job.
These methods include the habits of very successful people and corporations whose tactics and principles must produce results.
Some of these habits and principles have propelled small companies to reach Fortune 500 status.
2019 job hunting strategies

The Author is An Expert at Landing Any Job

The book contains the author's personal testimony on how he obtained every job he really wanted, including becoming an executive flight attendant for Fortune 500 Companies, an Academy Award Winning actress, Grammy Award Winning music artists, and many other affluent clientele.

In addition to overcoming employment roadblocks and gaining clarity on your ideal career, the author willl teach you to recognize and seize opportunities—and effective strategies for impressing employers.

Job Hunting Secrets Nobody Tells You About is an inspiring career and personal development book to assist anyone to get any job they really want.

He encourages readers to explore ideas that they never considered towards their job search.

"When you follow the path and do what everyone is doing, you'll usually end up in the same place.  Do something truly different from someone who knows how to get any job he truly desired, not from the ones who are just writing about it."  -Wayne C. Robinson, Author

About The Author

job hunting secrets by wayne c.robinson

When Wayne C. Robinson decided how he wanted to live his life, he hasn’t turned back since.  He has accomplished all his dreams from working as a Commercial Flight Attendant for Northwest Airlines to an Executive Flight Attendant on private corporate jets for Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, and as a Junior Officer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, International.

He has successfully lived and worked anywhere he decided to go: The United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands, and will soon reside between homes in the United States, South East Asia and Europe.





royal sands resort, wayne c. robinson

 Wayne C. Robinson worked at the Royal Sands Resort in Cancun, Mexico

During his career in the travel and tourism industry, he was introduced to success strategies and principles and became a top sales producer. He soon discovered that the principles he learned were not being shared with the general public to acquire success in their lives.


wayne c. robinson

 Wayne C. Robinson worked as an executive flight for Fortune 500 Companies

He decided that he was going to spend his life inspiring others to identify and pursue their dreams, and to present proven success principles that have been embraced by successful people and organizations.


wayne c. robinson

Wayne C. Robinson trains job seekers on finding their perfect job. 

Wayne holds a life experience bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and a life experience master’s degree in Tourism. He has attended Berklee College of Music and North Texas State University.

Wayne C. Robinson has been featured on CNN, FOX NEWS, Black Enterprise, Ebony, Essence and many other media across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.  He is the author of Job Hunting Secrets They Never Tell You About, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Destiny, Everything About Timeshares:  Before, During and After The Sale, and The African American Travel Guide.  His books are sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other online bookstores.


job hunting secrets by wayne c.robinson



2019 job hunting strategies


job hunting secrets by wayne c.robinson

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job hunting secrets by wayne c.robinson


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