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Penang Author WAYNE C. ROBINSON is Giving Away $43,500 in Free Tickets to a Four-Day Online Grad CareerFestival to Help Malaysia Class of 2019 Grads Land Jobs Faster!

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Penang, Malaysia June 5, 2019 – WAYNE C. ROBINSON, author of, Job Hunting Secrets They Don’t Tell Us About, recognizes the struggle grads face after graduating, and is giving 500 Malaysian grads free tickets to the sixth annual Grad CareerFestival.

The June 25th – 28th online career conference will introduce 72 of the world’s top career authors who will share three tips to help grads land jobs faster and launch and lead successful careers.

With millions of students graduating from college in May and June, it’s not surprising that it will take the average graduate 7.4 months to find employment – even in an economy that is producing thousands of new jobs each month. While some of that time is a result of the economy not being able to absorb so many graduates at one time, much of it is a result of the fact that college grads are clueless on how to conduct their first professional job search.

Research Shows:

  • 48 percent of college career center directors do not think students/grads have the knowledge and skills they will need to find a job. CAB
  • 57 percent of grads indicated finding a job was difficult. Accenture
  • 33 percent of grads did not feel their college prepared them for their first professional job search. McKinsey
  • 81 percent of grads wished they had done more to prepare for their career and job search. Adecco
  • 83 percent of grads are unemployed on graduation day. AfterCollege

All this research might explain why it takes the average grad nearly 8 months to land a job (NACE) and why over 50 percent will end up with a job that does not require a college degree! AP/NYC Federal Reserve.

Because little was being done to fix these issues, TalentMarks, a U.K. higher education firm that has provided career and professional development programming and curriculum to over 1,000 colleges and universities has been bringing together concerned authors, coaches, and organizations to provide post-graduation career support to graduates.

The sixth-annual Grad CareerFestival is a massive four-day (June 25th – 28th) ONLINE career conference that introduces grads to the career philosophies and strategies of 72 of the world’s top career authors and coaches.

Graduates will learn critically important strategies to create an elevator pitch, build their online brand, use social media to land a job, as well as learn traditional networking, resume, interviewing, and job search techniques.

Thirty-six coaches will share the importance of exploring career options, creating a career plan, managing one’s career, and staying current on soft skills and job search strategies. Each author and coach will share three tips in their TED Talk-length presentations. Grads will literally walk away with hundreds of ideas and strategies that were not covered in their college academic curriculum.

The career lectures are divided into four tracks: Career Management, Job Search, Soft Skills, Post-Graduation Life and offers the largest collection of post-graduation career and professional development programming ever assembled for graduates.

The Grad CareerFestival authors and coaches have three goals:

Give grads access to the information and strategies they will need to land jobs faster.

  1. Introduce grads to the benefits of building a network of mentors and working with career coaches.
  2. Encourage grads to create and manage a written career plan!

For most grads, they are often clueless of how to get a job. This is why so many Malaysia graduates are unemployable. They are not prepared. This festival will provide them with a wealth of information and ideas on how to identify and pursue their career goals.” – Wayne C. Robinson, author of Job Hunting Secrets They Don’t Tell Us About.

Wayne C. Robinson is giving away 500 free tickets to Malaysia Class of 2019 grads to participate in the four-day online Grad CareerFestival. The cost to participate in all 36 hours of live career presentations is $87. However, the first 500 of Malaysia Class of 2019 grads that register here are free:

Jennifer Doyle Vancil, M.Ed, President of Communicating Strengths and one of the participating Soar coaches shared why college career centers welcome this program.

College career centers traditionally have limited staffing and financial resources to provide scalable post-graduation career support to their students. The Grad CareerFestival gives them an opportunity to provide their graduates comprehensive career support not only when they need it – but when they are ready for it!” – Jennifer Doyle Vancil

For details and interviews, contact * 800-849-1762 x 205 (United States)

The Grad CareerFestival is produced by TalentMarks, an internationally recognized firm that provides scalable career and professional development programming to career centers, and alumni associations.

Wayne C. Robinson is an American author living in Penang who guides college graduates and adults to implement successful job hunting strategies. He is currently developing a comprehensive job hunting training curriculum to guide high school, adults and college students to acquire any job they genuinely desire. He is an HRDF certified trainer. His books sell on Amazon and other online bookstores, and he has been featured in major media.


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