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how to exchange a timeshare


For those of you who are frustrated by  your timeshare, and are thinking of how to get out of a timeshare, think twice. There are some options you might have forgotten, or might not know about.

Consider All Your Options Before Trying To Get Out of A Timeshare

Before you think about how to get out of a timeshare, consider the many options for you to travel the world regardless of where you own or what you own.  Even if you own an off season week in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania, you can have great vacations in lots of places around the world.

Understandably, many timeshare owners get frustrated when their own  property, or the property where they want to exchange into is unavailable.  What they don’t consider are the places that are available which could be more than enough for many families.

I guarantee that if you know how to use your timeshare and your exchange opportunities, there are many places that you can explore.

It doesn't matter where you own or what season, there are many places that are at your fingertips.

how to get out of a timeshare, the redweek timeshare book

1. Focus More on What is Available

Rather than focus on what is not available within your own resort or through the exchange system,  why don't you focus on what is available. No sense trying to figure out how to get out of a timeshare. You must review what is available to you during the time you want to go, and your vacation budget.

For example, you might be thinking of taking a nice vacation in the Swiss Alps when there is an abundance of availability in the Colorado Rockies or Canadian Rockies, or Whistlers, Canada where they have great skiing in the winters and lots of outdoor fun in the summer and fall seasons.

A couple that had purchased a timeshare from me complained that they couldn't get a week in Hawaii, which is one of the most difficult places to exchange into.  They were adamant on exchanging into Hawaii.

I did a little research for them and discovered that San Pedro, Belize had availability. It boasts  having the second largest barrier reef in the world and the snorkeling and diving is out of this world. I called them and suggested this to them.

They took my advice, contacted me after their vacation and thanked me.  It was less expensive, less crowded, as beautiful and more fun than Hawaii would have been.

There are some places where there is always availability, regardless of the season and where you own.

Mexico is a great place for family vacations and there is an abundance of availability in Cancun, Puerta Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas. The Mexican government is pouring billions of dollars into tourism and continue to build family fun resorts and attractions throughout the country.

Florida always has availability regardless when you go.  You don't have to visit Orlando or Disney as there are so many places that you can explore without visiting any of the theme parks.

Dominican Republic boasts beautiful beaches and lots of attractions throughout the country to explore, and there is always availability although most resorts are all inclusive.

If you can travel to Europe, Spain always boasts lots of availability in the Canary Islands.

how to get out of a timeshare, the redweek timeshare book

2. Exchange Your Timeshare Directly With Other Owners

RCI and Interval International are the two largest timeshare exchange companies in the world, but not the only. So, before you think about how to get out of a timeshare, consider alternative sites. 

Most timeshare owners think that they have to use the exchange network that the resort signs them up to when they make their purchase.  This is not the case, at all.

Members can exchange their timeshare with many other exchange networks that might be more suitable for their purposes, and a lot less expensive.

Did you know that you can exchange your timeshare for another location without going through an exchange network?.  Yes.  There are many homeowners and timeshare owners who would love to use your timeshare.

This process requires little or no fees, just a heads up to your home resort that somebody else is going to taking your place.

The Timeshare Users Group has a free internal exchange system where owners can list their timeshares for other owners to view and exchange.

Dae Live has a system where timeshare owners can exchange with each other. When an owner deposits their timeshare into the "bank," they get a credit that can be used to vacation at another resort.. There is no membership fee, but a small exchange fee once confirmed.

Platinum Interchange boats 1300 resorts worldwide that you can exchange into.

Worldwide Timeshare Exchange is a UK based independent exchange company that boasts lots of availability in Europe.

Visit these sites and look at all your options before trying to get out of a timeshare that doesn't work.  Also, don't deposit your time into your current exchange system until you look around.

3. Trade Your Timeshare On A Home Exchange Network

There are many home exchange networks with members who want to visit other places without having to pay exorbitant fees.  These member based networks promote properties around the world, and include travelers who want to stay for a week or longer. In essence, you can trade your timeshare, or your home to travel to other places for a small membership fee.

An article in the Guardian newspaper includes the 10 of the best  home-swap and home-sharing sites. Who know,s you just might end up somewhere you never considered.

4. Rent Your Timeshare on Airbnb

Many savvy timeshare owners are listing their timeshares on Airbnb and getting lots of business, depending on their location.

Members are listing photos of the rooms, suite and property amenities, area attractions and other interesting information.

5. Travel Off Season

Also, you might consider going during off season.  I stayed at the Marriott's Village d'ile-de-France just outside of Paris for only $199.00 per week in a two-bedroom townhouse through Interval International.  Their nightly rate was $300.00 per night at that time.

The key here is to think outside of the box and focus on where you can go. You might just find interests that you have never considered exploring before.

Since skiing is their high season, try going to these beautiful locations during the off season.  The area is usually less crowded, less lines to wait in, and better service.

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