Timeshare Lawyer? You Might Not Need One After all. (2019)

"Wayne Robinson is a former timeshare sales agent and executive who worked throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. He is an absolute expert in foreign bought timeshares." - Irene Parker, Volunteer Timeshare Advocate, Inside Timeshare

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Many frustrated timeshare owners are fed up with dealing with timeshare companies that do not deliver as they expected. Sadly, many learn that what the sales person stated during the timeshare sales presentation was not in the contract. In fact, not even recognized by the company that sold them the timeshare.

After making numerous calls and sending many emails, they are at the end of their ropes. They begin searching for ways to quickly resolve this issue.

Frustrated Timeshare Owners want these issues resolved in one or two ways.

  • They want their money back. (as the company did not deliver as promised (at least what was said during the timeshare presentation).
  • They do not want this issue to affect their credit or cause any serious legal issues. After all, they did sign the contract, even though most do not read it. Why would you, when you are on vacation and you trusted everything that the timeshare sales person said to you. Right?

Before searching for a timeshare lawyer or timeshare cancellation company, due yourself one last due diligence. This last ditch effort will help you determine whether you need to fork out another $5,000 for a lawyer.

Here are some great tips that might guide those who purchased a timeshare, especially in Mexico or the Caribbean Islands:

If You Are Paid in Full, There is Nothing Timeshare Companies Can Do

That's right. If your timeshare is paid in full and you purchased in the United States, the most they can do is put a small dent in your credit. That's it. They can't harm you. They cannot take your home. They cannot take your job. They cannot take your car.

Most credit reporting agencies don't even get these complaints as there is no balance on the debt. Remember, credit card companies deal with debt. If there is not debt, there should be nothing to report.

A lawyer for the Manhattan Club timeshare owners sued and won against the company for not making their timeshares available. He stated that out of the 6,000 owners who failed to pay their maintenance fees for years, he knew of no cases where this was reported to any credit reporting agency.

It's not worth your health to continue dealing with unscrupulous timeshare companies. If it is paid in full, send them a cancellation letter by certified mail, and just walk away.

It would be like a girl breaking up with her boyfriend. Yes, he'll shout and scream for a while, but eventually, he will get the message.


Own A Mexico Timeshare or A Caribbean Timeshare? A Timeshare Lawyer in the U.S. Cannot Represent You In Mexico or The Caribbean Islands

timeshare lawyer

That's right. American or Canadian timeshare lawyers cannot help Americans or Canadians with their timeshare problems in Mexico or the Caribbean. They cannot legally represent or practice law in those regions.

The most they can do is work with a Mexico or Caribbean timeshare lawyer in those regions. This association will certainly be an additional cost to you as you are now hiring two law firms. Even in Mexico, lawyers do not work for free.

There is No Such Professionally Recognized Specialty as a "Timeshare Lawyer"

timeshare lawyer

"Timeshare lawyers" did not attend a law school that specializes in timeshare law. The lawyers who call themselves "timeshare lawyers" have discovered an "untapped niche market." They are accomplishing the same as timeshare cancellation companies and timeshare exit companies are doing. Although some do work with these companies, there is no professional recognition as a timeshare lawyer.

It would be tantamount for a medical doctor to call himself a "couch doctor" who fixes couches. There is no such specialty.

Many of the cancellation companies comprise of slick talking sales people. These companies charge the same as timeshare lawyers charge. They typically do not have any previous experience in the timeshare industry except as cancellation sales people. How much can they possibly know about the timeshare industry?

Timeshare Lawyers Have Never Worked in The Timeshare Industry

Ask a timeshare lawyer how much time he or she has worked in the timeshare industry. Most will admit that they have not.

If you were charged with a serious crime, and you knew that you were innocent, would you hire a "criminal lawyer" without ANY previous experience? Would you hire somebody who has never even seen a criminal courtroom?  Of course not.  So, why would you hire a "timeshare lawyer" without any previous timeshare experience?

An American or Canadian timeshare lawyer knows nothing about Mexican or Caribbean timeshare laws. Why? Because what foreigners are purchasing are not timeshares, but travel clubs.They simply read what's in the contract, and so can you.

What they focus on is helping frustrated timeshare owners out of their contracts. This is a task most can do themselves, if they know the process.

The advantage of hiring a lawyer is to help clients deal with legalities that they know nothing about. So, a lawyer is the last straw. Frustrated timeshare owners just want to get this monkey off their back, once and for all. So, they look at all options.


Anyone Can Get Out of a Mexico or Caribbean Timeshare Without Employing a Timeshare Lawyer

timeshare lawyers

Timeshare lawyers who help Americans and Canadians are successful in cancelling these timeshare contracts in Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. They do what the timeshare owners should have done - they read the fine print.

As mentioned earlier, most people who purchase a timeshare while on vacation never read the paperwork. They discover the truth when they realize that it doesn't work the way they were told.

A timeshare contract in Mexico or the Caribbean Islands is only legal in that country. You signed the contract in that country. Any legal issues can only be applicable to that country. They are not legal in the U.S, Canada or in any other country. They should not have your social security number. This is law 101, and the timeshare lawyers know this. However, using scare tactics is what these companies do best.

This is why Mexican Timeshare Solutions and similar companies can easily get foreigners out of their timeshare.

Additionally, none of the persons who signed the timeshare contract in Mexico or the Caribbean work for the timeshare company. They work for a "pay company" or pagadora. There is nothing in the contract that connects that person who signed the contract (VLO) with the timeshare company. Therefore, the contract is not even legal in Mexico or the Caribbean, let alone in another country.

Moreover, some of these contracts written by Mexico and Caribbean timeshare companies are set up in offshore locations. Many contracts clearly state that any legal disputes must be taken up in Panama.





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