Tips on Buying and Selling a Timeshare – by A Retired Attorney

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Before you buy, sell or get rid of your timeshare, consider the following timeshare tips from retired attorney Meryl Reyman…


Look on the secondary market first.

If you are interested in buying a timeshare, you may save thousands buying on the resale market. Be fully aware of what you are purchasing and from whom you are buying to ensure a smooth transaction.

Moreover, Make sure you have in writing the terms of the sale and what each side is responsible for paying at closing. Read the contract carefully and ask questions of the seller.

Don’t bow to pressure.

Take time to think about your decision. Ask the salesperson to send you written information about your possible purchase, including a contract that you can review. There is nothing that says you have to sign the first thing that is shown to you. Let the deal breathe before you figure out if it is right for you.

Do your research.

Compare travel savings with online travel services or local travel agents. Also, check out the company with

Act fast if you are not satisfied.

If you sign a contract for a timeshare or travel club, you have a short window to cancel the contract if you don’t like what you purchased. Don’t wait until after you get back from your trip to take a second look at the contract. Research the company you are dealing with or it may be too late.

Also, always pay with a credit card so you can challenge the charge should something go wrong with the purchase.

Do it yourself.

If you want to get out of a timeshare commitment, do the work yourself. First, turn to the property from which you purchased the deed to see if there is a deed-back program in place.

However, if that does not work, you may have to turn to the resale market. You likely will have to make a deal with a buyer to sell the timeshare. That option often is still cheaper than dealing with a resale or liquidation company.  They may charge you thousands of dollars to do the same work for you.

Don’t Finance A Vacation

… or any Luxury Item AT 12% TO 19% and don’t believe a word a timeshare sales agent says. As the St. Louis BBB recommends, check with a licensed secondary market resale broker. We recommend contacting a member of the Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker Association before buying any timeshare.

Timeshare is a multi-billion dollar industry propelled by powerful lobby dollars. The media needs to help the public by shining a light on the deceptive practices. This way, consumers can make an educated decision as to whether the timeshare product makes sense for them.


Timeshare Owner Advocate Groups

Inside Timeshare, and Timeshare Advocacy Group™, whose mission is to shine a spotlight on the timeshare industry. They have received about the same high number of complaints directed against Florida, Nevada, Missouri, Hawaii, California, and Virginia sales centers. Of these states, only Nevada and Florida have routinely dismissed the customer by falling back on the oral representation clause.

For more information, please contact me at: or Timeshare Advocacy Group™:

Meryl Reyman is a retired attorney and former senior executive of a large marketing/advertising agency located in New York City. Meryl. She is  now a resident of Henderson, NV. She successfully rescinded a timeshare contract after learning little of what the sales agent said was true.

Thank you to Meryl for your advocacy efforts. If you or someone you know needs help with a timeshare concern, contact one of these self-help groups that Inside Timeshare feels is not industry influenced. – Irene Parker


About Inside Timeshare

This week Inside Timeshare has received many more complaints from disgruntled US members. These have been passed on to our Advocacy teams who are now working with them to sort out their problems.

Additionally, we have also been receiving many requests for information from our European readers. The bulk have been from the UK and all revolve around the growing claims and cancellation business. Most of the requests are about the many companies that we have already highlighted. It will not be long before a few new names start to emerge.

The unfortunate thing is that there are some genuine law firms working very hard to help owners who are stuck in the timeshare rut, but how do you sort out which is which?

Moreover, If you have been contacted by any company or have found one on the internet and want to know the truth about them, use our contact page and we will point you in the right direction.

Finally, remember doing your homework will always save you a whole lot of stress, plus it will also keep your money where it should be, in your bank!


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