Why Consumers Should Record All Timeshare Presentations

"Wayne Robinson is a former timeshare sales agent and executive who worked throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. He is an absolute expert in foreign bought timeshares." - Irene Parker, Volunteer Timeshare Advocate, Inside Timeshare

There is certainly much rhetoric in the news and in complaint forums such as Redweek and Timeshare Users Group of stories that timeshare sales people are lying to guests to sell them a timeshare. Unfortunately, many resorts, (certainly not Diamond Resorts), seem to allow their sale reps to misrepresent information provided to guests that is simply untrue.

State timeshare licensing divisions are flooded with complaints from disgruntled timeshare owners who are stating that they were lied to by the sales rep. When asked if they recorded the sales presentation, the answer is always "No."

Unfortunately, there is no proof. It is their word against the word of the sales rep.

Sadly, guests do not record the sales presentation. This is where they begin lose the legal battle.

  1. Timeshare Contracts Should Remain With One Company, Not Two

Another reason to record the sales presentation is because within one timeshare contract, the buyer is contracting with two separate entities; the timeshare company and the mortgage company.

Currently, when guests sign a timeshare contract, the mortgage company is separate from the timeshare company. Therefore, if the timeshare company does not provide the service, the buyer is still liable for the mortgage.

It’s tantamount to purchasing a car from the dealership and getting a loan from a bank, two separate entities. After you purchase the car and it breaks down on the way home, you still have to pay the bank.

This should not be so. I would like to see legal protection for consumers that mandates that the timeshare company and the mortgage company should be one company. Therefore, if the timeshare company does not provide the service as outlined in the contract or what was stated during the sales presentation, the owner has a right to stop payment.

The reason that the industry does this is because of “urgency.” Timeshare companies know that if they don’t make the sale that moment, chances are there would be no sale. Their sales volumes depend solely on “urgency” and coercing the guest into signing on the spot, whatever it takes

They will bribe them with a “better deal” (price reduction) and with gifts, and with guilt in some cases. Once the guest signs, the sales rep will do all that they can to prevent them from canceling. They will call the guest that evening to comfort them, even take them out to dinner, etc. because of “buyer’s remorse.

If consumers record the sales presentation buyer's remorse will not will not become an issue because the company will certainly back up what was recorded during the sales presentation.

2. Recording Helps Eliminate The Need For Change in Timeshare Legislation

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Many timeshare advocates are pushing for timeshare legislation to protect timeshare owners who have been lied to and the company does not meet their obligations. Again, if they record the sales presentation, they are protected.

I would rather see a law that protects the owner when there is breach of contract on the side of the resort. If the resort doesn't provide the service that is outlined in the contract, or that was promised by the sale rep in the recorded presentation, the owner should have the right to stop payment until...

This is why recording the sale presentation protects the consumer.

3. Real Sales People Sell With Integrity

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Still, the best thing to do is for guests to begin recording timeshare sales presentations to uphold the integrity of all parties involved. After all, if the timeshare sales people (Some pathological) do not lie, there should be no reason for them to object to their sales presentations being recorded. Right?

On the other hand, if they do lie, they should get out of the business and step aside and allow real professional sales people to take over and sell with integrity.

The timeshare company should also be accountable for what is said during the sales presentations. Trying to cover up their crimes by holding news breaking charitable events and throwing bread crumbs to needy people and promoting their best sales people while timeshare owners are still holding the bag after being lied to is cowardliness.

What a bunch of pussies. If you can't sell without lying, do the world a favor and get the hell out of the business.

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The sales recruiters and marketing agents are just as guilty as they know that the guests are going to be lied to. Shame on you too.

4. Recording Can Be a Win Win for All Parties

Consumers, record all sales presentations where you are expected to sign a contract on the spot. In fact, I would record a video right on your Smartphone. If the sales presentation is boring, you're going to be on there anyways. Send a video to all your friends. They'd love it.

Remember, you will be liable for this debt for many many many years in your future. What great memories.

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The really cool thing about recording is that consumers can send a copy to the sales reps, their managers, and the company CEO and provide great tips on how to improve their sales presentation. With Smartphones, it's just a touch with your finger. How easy is that?

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So, recording the sales presentation seems to me like a win win for all parties.

Wayne C. Robinson is the author of Everything About Timeshares. The Forward is written by Irene Parker, timeshare owners advocate and heroine.

Everything About Timeshares is a consumer's timeshare handbook that discloses what the timeshare industry does not want consumers to know about.

book cover for Everything About Timeshares by Wayne C. Robinson


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