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"...we really appreciate you taking the time to visit Plexus and share your insight with us to help make our transition into the Malaysian culture a positive one. Many thanks!" - Shelley Koplien, Plexus, Penang, Malaysia 


Wayne C. Robinson is a cross cultural trainers for foreigners or expats living in Malaysia or visiting Malaysia for business or personal purpose. 

The one or two day training consists of introducing foreigners to a basic understanding of the history, people, geographical location of Malaysia, and to prepare clients for real life cross cultural encounters and to identify areas in which they need to know.


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What is Cross Cultural Training?

Cross cultural training refers to the training given to employees related to the cultural differences between nations, the awareness of which helps in running smooth business across the nations.

Cross cultural training is essential for doing business in present scenario involving multiple nations and cultures. One needs in depth understanding of the culture of the country he/she is dealing with.

Cross-cultural trainings can be broadly divided into two types, firstly General awareness training, which covers handling foreign clients, increasing the awareness about foreign employees of the same company, facilitating negotiations across the countries, managing and supervising staff belonging to different cultures etc.

Second type of training could be specific training related to particular a culture or nation. This is useful for the people who frequently visits and interacts with that nation.

The trainings mainly focus on general beliefs, values, traditions, ethics and protocols of particular nation.

About The Malaysia Cross Cultural Training Program

The Cross Cultural Training helps participants better understand their own perceptions and stereotypes of Malaysian culture by presenting to them the primary Malaysian ethnic groups, their cultures, and lifestyles.

This process will enable participants to communicate better and live amongst Malaysians in formal and informal environments.

Participants also learn how to better communicate and improve business relations in a cross-cultural business environment within the Malaysian context.


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About The Malaysia Cross Cultural Trainer

expats living in  Malaysia Cross Cultural Trainers, wayne c. robinsonWayne C. Robinson is one a many American expats in Malaysia and is a book author, film producer and inspiratonal speaker who has traveled and worked around the world in the travel and tourism industry.  He is familiar with Malaysian cultures and how foreigners from the West can better communicate and enjoy their visit to Malaysia. Wayne is an HRDF Certified Trainer. 



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 Contact Wayne for more information about his Cross Cultural Workshop

+60 17 411 9684 (Malaysia)