On her 50th birthday, Sherry Ransom woke up and felt that she hadn’t accomplished anything of value during her life.  She set out to change the next fifty years by researching what it takes to make it in this world. 

She interviewed successful people and studied their techniques and principles.  To challenge herself of her new found “secrets,” she set out to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Within 30 days, Sherry had miraculously appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show as a book club member. 


I spent most of my life believing that I was not enough. I always needed one more thing to pursue my calling.  My God connection was incomplete. I was praying, I was attending church but I was not living in a spirit of thankfulness. I was also not trusting in God and his grace to guide and protect me. I was unwittingly allowing my past to dictate my future steps.

When you rely on your past, you are relying on yourself and those around you. I stepped into a bigger plan by abandoning my total reliance on what I can see alone. We are still here because of God's bigger plan - trust it - pray for it to be revealed - walk in thankfulness every day and occurrences that we call miracles will happen. God's plans are perfect and through my trust, I found my passion as well. 

My passion lies in helping others  to lead their best possible life at every stage with awareness and gratitude.

My guiding belief- God is always on my side. 

My favorite time of day - Mornings

My favorite verse - John 3:16

My favorite song - Amazing Grace

My constant prayer - Thank You


Sherry Ransom's Mission

I am on a mission to enhance the aging experience. What is 'over the hill' can be more exciting than any time in life.  I have connected with my spirit of love and grace and my goal is to spread the bounty . You are invited to join me and others on this journey of Aging Gratefully and spreading gratitude first in our own lives and then sprinkling more of it into the lives of others. You will see what a difference gratitude can make.



Writing about Gratitude

For more than twenty years, I have discovered even more joy in writing about my journey and the journeys of others I have encountered. Each meeting delivered pearls of wisdom and blessed gifts, 

Choose Again! Embrace the Blessing of Choice & Create the Life You Want  became the centerpiece and formula for guiding others in discovering  clarity, purpose and success in lives of their own choosing. The book  introduces readers to the three paths - Checkered, Yellow and Green.  Self-assessments  and self-reflection guide the reader to a new  awareness of empowerment and clarity for moving forward in transforming  their own lives.

Three Paths, Three Choices - Getting the Life that You Deserve  was my first books and shared exercises and formulas for discovering clarity and purpose in life.

The Art of Growing Older Gratefully - BE Attitudes for Purposeful Living;  celebrates the spiritual mindfulness of creating memories from the heart , self-love, self-discovery and  over 100 BE Attitudes that are used as tools to remold expectations and  embrace each precious breath of life.  

The BIG Business of Gratitude- Capitalizing on Heartfelt Actions; and The Business Gratitude Journal- 180 Days of Grateful Expressions and Intentions for Business Success.  


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