how to get sell my timeshare, everything about timeshares by wayne c. robinson


About The Book

how to get out of a timshare, everything about timeshares

This book will educate you to make informed decisions by knowing how the timeshare industry really works.

  • Learn all the secrets that resorts do not want you to know 
  • Learn the tricks that timeshare resorts use to lure you to take a presentation
  • Learn the strategies that timeshare resorts use to get you to buy a timeshare at the end of the presentation even after you say "NO" several times
  • Learn what you can legally do with your timeshare, whether you want to use it, rent it, sell it, or just get rid of it to avoid further maintenance fees
  • Know how timeshare relief companies operate 
  • Learn about timeshare arbitrators who work for free
  • Learn about licensed timeshare resellers who will list your timeshare for sale with no upfront costs to you
  • Learn how to best use your timeshare and travel around the world despite your past experiences or what you have been told
  • Learn how to walk away from some timeshares by the end of the day without any legal ramifications and without paying any money whatsoever




Book Forward by Irene Parker

irene parker, timeshare owner advocate

Irene Parker, Timeshare Owners Advocate

The purchase of a timeshare can be of great benefit for a family. My family logged 25 years of fond memories vacationing at Port Elsewhere in the Missouri Ozarks and Maui Lea at Maui Hill in Kihei, Hawaii. This came to a halt in 2012 when we learned that our Sedona timeshare had been acquired by a developer bent on turning deeded timeshare weeks into points.

We gave up our deed and had no problems making good use of our points until we fell for a bait and switch.

Our daughter lives in New York, so we purchased points specifically to stay in New York City. We soon discovered that it would cost, year-round, approximately $8,000 to use our timeshare points when the same week, for the same hotel, could be booked online for $950.

A few months later, we experienced a pathetically aggressive and highly deceptive sales presentation. I realized something was very wrong with timeshare.

It took me three years of research, listening to hundreds of members reporting unfair and deceptive trade practices, to understand the message Wayne C. Robinson presents in Everything about Timeshares.

All but a handful of the members reaching out to our all-volunteer Timeshare Advocacy Group TM   advocates, had their complaint dismissed with the developer’s gold mine sentence, found in all timeshare contracts that states, “We did not rely on oral representations to make our purchase.”

It is illegal to use and abuse this clause, but when some regulators second this dismissal, the result is no enforcement of timeshare regulations. This endorses and rewards perpetrators that can earn $1 million or more a year selling vacation points deceptively.   

Heed Wayne’s message to not pay any individual or firm money to get you out of your timeshare. There are times when an attorney does need to be retained, but retaining an attorney that has no timeshare experience can do more harm than good. In my opinion, there has never been a more buyer beware product than today’s timeshare point.


 My Story by Author Wayne C. Robinson

wayne c. robinson, everything about timeshares

Author, Wayne C,. Robinson

I’ll never forget my first timeshare experience. I was so excited after passing my New Mexico real estate exam and was ready to work for the Angel Fire Resort in Angel Fire, New Mexico to sell timeshares. The team congratulated me, and now, it was time to begin making some good money.

I learned the ropes quickly while shadowing other timeshare reps - what to do, what to say and when to shut up. The time to shut up was when they were lying to the guests like, “This is the last one.  If you don’t get it, somebody else will,” or “Another timeshare owner defaulted on the loan so all you have to do is pay their remaining balance.”

During an integrity sales training, I asked the team about the need to lie to sell. Nobody responded.  Finally, the friend who had invited me to join the team said that what really mattered was that guests became owners, not what we did or said to get them to buy.

I was the junior sales person, so I depended on the more experienced reps to close my tables and get the credit cards. After a while, nobody wanted to close my tables because they felt that I wasn’t going to go along with their lies. So, I did it on my own, honestly, and still sold.

A week later, I was called into the sales manager’s office. The sales manager and the sales director were waiting for me. They told me I was fired because I wasn’t a team player. I was shocked.

Since that time, I have worked for several other resorts in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands and Canada. I never lied to sell timeshares. Ironically, I was usually one of the top sales persons, but felt distant from those who sold dishonestly. I had no respect for them or the management that rewarded them for their sales.

In 2015, I was hired as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Prestige Travelers, a Mexican based travel club at the luxurious Azul Sensatori Resort in Negril, Jamaica. 

In 2017, I took my last couple on tour at the Villas Del Palmar Resort in Cancun, Mexico, where the Sales Director required us to lie to clients upon meeting them and throughout the sales presentation. I asked my team leader if I could sell using my own style with integrity. She declined and said that I needed to stick with the program. I quit and left Mexico.

I had generated millions of dollars for several timeshare companies and travel clubs.  I had earned a good income, but after 15 years, I was convinced that the business was no longer for me.

In retrospect, I have no regrets. I enjoyed my career and hope that the families that I sold to are getting what I told them they would get from their purchase. However, I have since learned that this is often not the case for too many timeshare owners.

royal resorts, everything about timeshares

Timeshare developers and sales and marketing reps, timeshare associations, exchange companies, timeshare resales companies and timeshare cancellation companies have created a two headed monster.

The first thing that they do is become your best friend, romancing you with all the bells and whistles of what they are selling, whether it be a timeshare or a cancellation service. 

I did not write this book for revenge. That would be a waste of my energy. Writing the book is my way of providing consumers a level playing field before they buy, sell, or get rid of a timeshare.

After reading EVERYTHING ABOUT TIMESHARES: Before, During and After the Sale, the reader will be armed with an effective weapon to face any timeshare challenges. That weapon is this book which captures a glimpse into insider secrets that are never supposed to be shared with the public.

The cost of the Ebook (only $39.95). This book will save you thousands of wasted dollars and time that could have been going into somebody else's pocket, not yours. 

Share it with loved ones who may own a timeshare or may attend a timeshare sales presentation in the future.  If they like to travel, chances are, they are more than likely going to be invited on a sales presentation. 

It is always best to be prepared than to be disappointed with regret. 

 how to get rid of a timeshare


Before you do anything, you must read this book and make an "informed" thought-out decision based on accurate information.

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how to get rid of a timeshare


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ayne c. robinson,




I have carefully read Wayne Robinson's book Everything About Timeshare. Wayne's book has confirmed what my three years of timeshare research has produced - unfair and deceptive sales and marketing practices abound, which is not fair to timeshare sales agents trying to sell the product honestly. As Wayne comes from the sales side of the industry, who better to detail timeshares dirty tricks that would have impressed J Edgar Hoover. - Irene Parker, Timeshare Owner Advocate


Timeshare? I know next to nothing about timeshare until this book came along. The information I gathered from it is awesome. It was simple, clear and concise. Now, if I am to attend a sales presentation, I will know what to expect and what to do; no longer entering a slaughter house blindly and not knowing anything. Kudos to Wayne C. Robinson. -Ju Shih Su, Penang, Malaysia


The book is being sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany helping people with their timeshare issues, and showing them how to get the most out of it, or get rid of it altogether - Wayne C. Robinson, Author