If you are a foreigner who owns a timeshare in Mexico, there are many secrets that the Mexico timeshare industry does not want you to know. The secrets to getting rid of a Mexico timeshare is at the top of their list. Once you learn these secrets, you will understand how easy it is to get rid of your unwanted Mexico timeshare. 

Granted, you will never get a refund on the money you have already spent, but you can get out of the contract whether it is paid in full or not, if you know the process. 

Before you do anything about selling a Mexico timeshare, understand that the law IS on your side.

The first step towards selling a timeshare in Mexico is to READ THE CONTRACT THOROUGHLY.  It contains many clues that most Mexico timeshare owners ignore. These clues are the leverage that timeshare exit companies and timeshare attorneys use to generate MILLIONS of dollars from innocent consumers. 

selling a timeshare in mexico

Why am I sharing these protected secrets that the timeshare industry does not want you to know?

After selling nearly one thousand timeshares in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands for over 15 years, I realized it was time to get out. My integrity and the unethical behavior of the timeshare industry were incompatible. In fact, I was fired from timeshare companies because I would not "go along with their program."

I genuinely enjoyed encouraging American and Canadian families to take more vacations together and see the world. I also enjoyed the income generated from timeshare sales.

However, while working at the Villas Del Palmar Resort in Cancun, Mexico in 2017, the sales reps were "required to lie." After one month, I said to myself, "enough is enough." I finally got out and haven't looked back ever since.

Now, I'm here to provide leverage to foreigners who purchased timeshares in Mexico and want to get out without any legal or credit issues.

"Wayne Robinson is a former timeshare sales agent and executive who worked throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. He is an absolute expert in foreign bought timeshares." - Irene Parker, Volunteer Timeshare Advocate, Inside Timeshare editor, and founder of The Timeshare and Developer Resort Accountability (TARDA) Organization that advocates for timeshare legislation to protect timeshare owners.

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Irene Parker


As you will soon learn, there is no timeshare in Mexico, but merely "travel clubs." THIS IS YOUR FIRST CLUE. You do not own anything!

Before you try to sell a timeshare in Mexico, be aware of these shocking secrets.

how to sell a timeshare in mexico

Knowing just a few of these secrets can save you a lot of time, frustration, and thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees.

Moreover, many elderly Mexico timeshare owners are experiencing serious health issues because of threatening and harassing calls and emails from timeshare companies in Mexico. There is no need.

Like they say, "The truth will set you free."

Know the real truths about the timeshare industry. You will be well on your way to getting rid of your Mexico timeshare for free.

You will be able to do it yourself without any legal or credit issues.


Secret #1 - You can get rid of a timeshare in Mexico without paying anything

how to sell a timeshare in mexico

Believe it or not, you do not have to pay any company to get rid of a Mexico timeshare. You can do it yourself. It is simple and easy. You just have to know the steps.

Mexico does not sell timeshare. It's simply a travel club similar to a COSTCO membership. You own nothing, so there should be NO MAINTENANCE FEES.

Furthermore, not even the travel clubs own the resorts as most are separate from the resort's owners. Most Mexico travel clubs lease some of the rooms and call the entire resort a timeshare.

The reason why many Mexico timeshare owners cannot exchange where and when they want to vacation is because the resorts cater to the general public. They book through online travel sites, i.e. Expedia or Travelocity

If you are a member of one of these Mexico travel clubs and want to get out, you can. They cannot harm your credit or cause any legal problems, and cannot do anything even if you return to Mexico..

"If you purchase a timeshare in Mexico, U.S. laws don't apply to the transaction. So, even if your home state strictly regulates timeshare sales, those state laws won't apply to you when you buy a timeshare in Mexico. Instead, you'll be subject to the laws of Mexico." -Amy Loftsgordon, ATTORNEY

According to the laws of Mexico, the timeshare companies would have to go through the Mexican court system, BUT THEY WILL NOT. 

Don't let the timeshare exit companies and attorneys scare you into thinking that you have to pay to get rid of your unwanted Mexico timeshare. You should not spend any more money for your timeshare problem as you already paid enough. You shouldn't and you don't have to.

Unfortunately, many companies coerce and scare clueless timeshare owners and generate millions of dollars with their "scams.

There is a simple way to get rid of your Mexico timeshare, and the book, Everything About Timeshares, guides you through the process.



how to get rid of a timeshare


Secret #2 - Failing to pay a maintenance fee will not hurt your credit

how to sell a timeshare

A maintenance fee cannot and will not harm your credit rating because it is not a debt. The most they could do is prevent you from using the resort. This is in the contract. 

But remember, your membership in Mexico is not ownership. Why should you pay a maintenance fee? Not even the travel club owns the resort.

For example, in the case of the New York attorney general's office against the owners of the Manhattan Club, the law firm that handled the case stated that out of the 6,000 members who stopped paying their maintenance fees, he knew of no case where their credit was affected.

New York Attorney Reaches Settlement with Manhattan Club The New York Attorney General’s Office reached a $6.5 million settlement with the owners of The Manhattan Club timeshare project, one of the most expensive and luxurious timeshares in the country because of its prime location. Owners had complained for years that they couldn’t use their own timeshares, while those booking online had ample availability. Also, the company wouldn’t buy the timeshare back, as promised.

The Manhattan club timeshare owners won the lawsuit and were refunded their monies. 

Not even in the U.S. can a maintenance fee affect your credit. Mexico does not have legal relations with U.S. credit reporting agencies because they are not American or Canadian companies. Your Mexico timeshare contract clearly states where the contract is governed - in Mexico or in some offshore country like Panama.

The only way that a foreign entity can affect anyone's credit is with an international business relationship that involves credit. You are not an "international business."

You see, the more you know, the more leverage you have.


Think twice before selling a timeshare in Mexico

how to get rid of a mexico timeshare

If you conduct an online search, you will discover thousands of Mexico timeshares for sale. That's right. There are thousands of Mexico timeshare owners like yourself who are trying to sell their timeshare, and they are paying agencies to do it.

Rather than pay thousands of dollars for a timeshare at a sales presentation, anyone can surf the Internet for the same timeshare. They sell for a fraction of the cost. Many for as little as $1.00.

There are thousands of Mexico timeshares for sale on EBAY, AMAZON, and other online sites. Owners who want to sell their Mexico timeshares will also have to pay all the closing costs.

So, you might think twice about forking out up to $5,000 to compete with other owners who want to sell a timeshare in Mexico and are just sitting there. 

No need.

 how to get rid of an unwanted timeshare

The most common reasons why foreigners want to sell a timeshare in Mexico...

  • The sales and marketing agents used aggressive sales tactics
  • They felt they couldn’t get out of the sales presentation unless they bought something
  • It doesn't work the way it was explained
  • They don’t feel that they are getting what they paid for
  • There is never any availability where they want to go
  • They can't rent it out like they were told
  • They don’t  need or want to use it anymore
  • The timeshare owner is deceased and the family doesn’t want it
  • The maintenance fees are out of control

Many Mexico timeshare owners feel that they cannot get out of their timeshare contract. But they can.

sell a mexico timeshare

Set yourself free from your timeshare challenges by learning "inside secrets" that only timeshare professionals know. These secrets will not be found anywhere else as they are secrets privy to the timeshare industry.

Timeshare exit companies, timeshare cancellation companies and timeshare attorneys are not timeshare professionals and have never worked in the industry. They simply notice the clues in the contracts that earn them MILLIONS. 

Learn what they will not disclose that is shared in the book, Everything About Timeshares: Before, During and After The Sale.

If they can charge you thousands of dollars to help you get rid of your timeshare without knowing anything about the industry, you can certainly do it yourself.


Read this book before you buy, sell, or try to get rid of a Mexico timeshare on your own.

 how to get rid of a timeshare

What's in the book?

  • Learn how to walk away from a Mexico timeshare by the end of the day without any legal or credit ramifications and without paying any money whatsoever
  • Learn step by step what you can do with your Mexico or Caribbean timeshare, whether you want to use it, rent it, or sell it
  • Learn the tricks that timeshare resorts used to lure you to take a presentation
  • Learn the strategies that timeshare resorts use to get you to buy a timeshare at the end of the presentation even after you say "NO" several times
  • Know how timeshare exit companies and timeshare attorneys really operate 
  • Learn about timeshare arbitrators who work for free
  • Learn about licensed timeshare resellers who will list your timeshare for sale with no upfront costs to you
  • Learn how to best use your timeshare and travel around the world despite your past experiences or what you have been told


100% Money Back Guarantee

If within 30 days, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money. We believe that honestly is always the best policy. 




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