Private Tutoring With Two Tutors - An Experienced English Educator And An American Writer

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english tutor penang with native english speaker

Although many students are taught English in the Malaysian Education System, unless they are properly assessed by a native speaker, they will fail to identify areas in which they can greatly improve, particularly when it comes to exams, job interviews, and the need to master English in the work and business environments.


  • Improve your English grammar when writing and speaking
  • Increase your confidence when writing and speaking English for exams and in conversations
  • Increase your vocabulary to speak more intelligently
  • Improve critical thinking and problem solving using English
  • Improve your English pronunciation
  • Improve your conversational English from an American perspective
  • Learn American culture and the work environment



penang master englishJu Shih Su is a Malaysian native and has spent 27 years teaching English and English Literature in the Malaysian Public Schools system to Form 2-5 students. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University Science Malaysia and prepares students to pass exams. Former Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examiner. 



penang master englishWayne C. Robinson is an American writer, motivational speaker and book author. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and a master’s degree in tourism. He helps students improve their conversational and pronunciation skills. 

This results driven team training combines the best of both worlds - Ju Shih’s writing, speaking and grammar training and Wayne’s conversational training that inspire students to reach their potential towards mastering the American English language.

 penang master english

Whether you are a student who desires to improve your English or already in the workforce and need to improve your English language skills, you will see results within a short time.

penang master english

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english tutor penang with native english speaker

We will test your reading and comprehension, writing, speaking, and vocabulary skills, and can prepare you for any English speaking exam or interview.

Only a limited number of students are accepted.

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