Success Starts With a Dream Video and Transcript



dr, maiysha clairborneYou know, it’s so important for us to have dreams in life. Without dreams, how can we be a contribution to the world? How can we pay forward what has been given to us without having a dream of what that might look like? And having a dream starts with loving ourselves and knowing that we really can be, do and have whatever we want.


dr. torri griffinThat might be the dirt that your dream is birthed from. That might be the place to plant your dream and watch it grow. So, look for your dreams. If they’ve gotten lost, find them. If you haven’t found one, create one. But it all aligns with what you want to see happen, what you wish you could do or what you wish you could see for people around you.But we have to dream. We have to believe that there’s some positive impact on this world, on this planet, on the people in our lives. And to find a dream might mean looking inside to find out what situation makes you angry. And makes you say, if I could I would.


victor antonio

The question that I often get is, “Victor, what if I don’t know what I want to do, if I don’t know what my passion is yet. What do I do?” Most people think the answer is to stay still, kind of think about it and keep thinking about it and never do anything, hoping for a moment of enlightenment, a satellite will come down and maybe just give them the message. But life doesn’t work that way. Here’s a quick story.

One of the first companies that I worked with was a torpedo company. Yes, a torpedo company. And basically, this military company sells these torpedoes. So, here’s how the torpedo works.

They would launch it from a ship or from a helicopter and as soon as the torpedo hits the water, it would start making circular patterns. It would then start pinging. That pinging is a sound that it would emit while looking for a submarine, its target. So, here’s what happens.

Once the torpedo thinks it has found its target and moves in that direction and keeps pinging, pinging, and pinging, trying to define the object. As it gets closer to the object and it realizes that it’s not what it’s looking for, maybe it’s an underground rock formation.

The torpedo then breaks off the attack, goes in a circular pattern, then breaks off in another direction, and then ping, ping, ping again, gets closer to the object; no, it’s a school of fish, it’s not what I want, breaks off the attack and then it keeps going until it finds its target.

When we think of what it is we want to do, we’re much like the torpedo. You’re going after something, and trust me, you’re not going to get it on the first shot, you're not. You’re going to go after something and it’s not going to be what you want or what you thought it was going to be like. And at that very moment, you have a very critical decision to make.

If you’re like most people who fail and not getting what they want, they hope that maybe things will change, and they begin to compromise and stop searching.

The true professionals, the true successful people, go after something, realize that it doesn’t work. That’s not what I want. And like the torpedo, which has something called the artificial intelligence, which means that every time it goes after something, and it’s not what it wants, it learns, it gets smarter, and that’s you.

You’re going to go after something, and if it’s not what you want, you’re going to get smarter. You’re going to figure out what you like, what you don’t like, and you’re going to move off into another direction and try to find something else that you might like, and guess what’s going to happen, some of them you’re going to like, some of them you’re not going to like, this is not what I’m looking for.

But, in every iteration, what happens is that you become smarter and eventually, eventually… you will find your passion, your goal, your mission. Remember, you are pre-programmed. Just keep moving until you finally get there.


Most dreams involve more than one person. Most dreams come from our heart and comes from a space of creativity that says, “If I could, I would.”

So, if you could, what would you do, what would you be, what would you have, what would you create for others? Because there’s something inside each one of us, whether it’s deep, dark, down and hidden away, that can come out.


millicent st. claire

You know, we’ve got a lot of problems in the world, and a lot of really smart people and geniuses even, but they can’t seem to solve the problems. Because the answers do not come from the head, the answers must come from the heart.

And when we listen to that intuition, not just intuition, but that deeper knowledge and wisdom that emanates and exists inside of the heart, therein lies the answers. ...therein lies the answers to all of the problems that we’re having, the conflicts, the drama, the internal problems that we’re having.


The people who went before us worked very hard, toiled, went through all kinds of challenges to give us what we have today. And I can say that our lives are a lot better today than even twenty years ago. And that was because someone had a dream, and they were determined to make that dream come true. They found the resources. They found the supporters. They found the comrades who would say to them, “You can do it.”

The reason we should dream today is because the people who lived before us dreamt up the world that we live in now. And there have been some pretty amazing dreams that have come to life that make our lives so much easier, so much better, so much more wonderful than life could have been, like five hundred or a thousand years ago. So, everything we do today is going to impact tomorrow.

Everything we do today can impact today. So, we have to keep the dreams alive. We have to know that we can change our world and make it a better place.


Sometimes we think that we’re limited to what we think we can do. So sometimes that dream is a way of breaking that paradigm, kind of expanding your mind. When you start thinking about possibilities of what it is you can do, just let it open up.

Don’t tell yourself, no; don’t tell yourself, stop; maybe that’s too big, maybe that’s too much for you, maybe you can’t do it. Because that’s what we tend to do. We tend to shut ourselves down and try to shrink that dream. Don’t do that. Let it expand to the natural position to what it is that you want to do.


jackie lewis, jackie's on the reefMany times, you’re going to be discouraged because most people are afraid to live outside of the box. So, when you start living your own dream, you’re living outside of the box because you cannot march to the tune of the soldier and live your dream. Especially when your dream is bigger than what most people think. When I started building this, everyone thought I was crazy.


Let me tell you what doesn't lie out there if you decide not to do anything. You will die with that regret. Inside of you will die. Fifty will roll around. Sixty will roll around. Seventy will roll around. Eighty will roll and longer, and all you’ll ever talk about is “I should have done that.”


When things get tough, you have to remember to press on. Because when you have a dream, and there’s no work or action behind that dream, then that dream doesn't get fulfilled.