Two African American Seniors Take On The Challenge Of Global Economic Exclusion In An Inspiring Full Feature Documentary

the dreams live on film

the dreams live on film wayne c. robinsonthe dreams live on film. sherry ransom

Wayne C. Robinson and Sherry Ransom

Austin,  Texas - March 6, 2017:  Their tour begins in America as two African American seniors challenge global economic exclusion using their own life skills and proven success formulas to produce a full feature documentary that will inspire communities worldwide to follow their dreams regardless of socioeconomic or political conditions.

Authors and speakers Wayne C. Robinson and Sherry Ransom have teamed up to produce THE DREAMS LIVE ON; THE SECRET IS OUT™,  a full feature length documentary filmed to challenge generational poverty and the mindset of ‘struggling to survive’ versus ‘planning to thrive’.

About The Film

The documentary features eight inspiring professionals who share success principles and strategies they feel have been absent from disenfranchised communities as they search for ways to experience what many have entitled, the "American dream." According to Robinson, "success secrets" have been lost in political, religious and civil rights rhetoric and have ignored the true ticket to success - the human mind and faith in a right to succeed.

the dreams live on film

I have noticed that the seeds of known success principles and strategies embraced by successful people and organizations are not recognized in disenfranchised communities as proven vehicles of moving one’s children, family and community from a state of survival to a state of thriving that can become a legacy. Embracing these strategies removes the challenges that continue to show up from one generation to another. I believe that this film will set a precedence towards establishing programs that will produce better personal and community results than we’ve seen in the past 50 years.” – Executive Producer Wayne C. Robinson

The Film Cast

The film’s cast includes a list of rising professional speakers who share their own stories of rising above the expected results and instead succeeding despite their backgrounds. They eagerly share their wisdom with those who hunger to live a better life; accumulate wealth, find their perfect soul mate, work in their perfect career, live in a nicer neighborhood, own a business, or accomplish anything they desire. 

the dreams live on film

 “Every moment in life reflects a choice that has already been made and an opportunity to make a new choice. Choose in favor of your destiny." – Associate Producer Sherry Ransom

Robinson is a U.S. Navy honorably discharged veteran, and Ransom is a personal life coach and workshop facilitator.

The Film Producers

Wayne Robinson Productions has partnered with Copybook Films and Ego Sheriff Films to produce the film which was shot in the United States, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Thailand, Malaysia and India.

the dreams live on film