The African American Travel Guide (PDF) Instant Download

The African American Travel Guide (PDF) Instant Download

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the african american travel guide by wayne c. robinson

Whether you're looking for a bookstore in Baltimore, a historical tour in D.C., a taxi in Ontario, a church in Chicago, or a jazz club in New Orleans, this is a must-have guidebook for African American travelers.

Maps, contacts, and important background information have been ferreted out for hundreds of listings.

U.S. cities explored in the guide include Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Memphis, Mobile, Montgomery, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., and Nova Scotia and Ontario are among the notable Canadian places featured.

Author Wayne C. Robinson's wealth of knowledge stems from 20 years of travel and firsthand experience as a tour director.


Library Journal Review


Travel guides are usually all-encompassing, but this well-organized and inexpensive work confines itself to the African American experience and can be usefully consulted for business travel as well as for personal vacations.


Robinson, a seasonal tour director for several tour operators and a flight attendant for a major air carrier, provides a cornucopia of information of particular interest to African Americans in and around 17 American and two Canadian cities.

Entries for each locale include give names, addresses, phone numbers, descriptions and hours of operation (where applicable) of the entity being described.

For each city, there is a list of historic sites and landmarks of note, specialty shops to visit, colleges and universities to tour, bookstores, restaurants, entertainment venues, heritage tours to take, a calendar of annual events to plan for, media outlets, churches, museums, and lodging facilities owned by African Americans or catering to African American interests.

The information appears to be correct and current, and the introductory pages and the index will aid readers in using this title. Recommended for public libraries having a demand for travel guides or serving the African American community. - Library journal


The book was written in 1997 and has not been updated by the author.